Nazca Peru: History & Mystery

About 380 kilometres to the South of Lima, you will find a city by the name of Nazca. The name was derived from the Nazca Culture that flourished there between 100 BC to 800 AD. It took us approximately six hours by bus to arrive there from Lima. From what I remember, it was theContinue reading “Nazca Peru: History & Mystery”

Covid-19 and Other Stories…

Hi there, how art thou? I took a little hiatus from writing blogs about travel because I was honestly going through something difficult in my personal life. However I also chose shy away from writing due to the fact that many people are suffering, afraid and facing a variety of uncertainties. From where I stand,Continue reading “Covid-19 and Other Stories…”

Ground Zero: Hiroshima

On August 6th 1945, a single atomic bomb was dropped at around 8:15 am, on the thriving city of Hiroshima. It was chosen as a means of slowing down Japan’s economy and displaying what atomic weapons can achieve. The bomb, ‘little boy’ was detonated at 600 meters above the city. It was the first timeContinue reading “Ground Zero: Hiroshima”


Ever since I was a child, I had been drawn to the peculiarities and otherworldly aspects of Japanese culture. Needless to say, I spent many years researching the intricacies of this profound land and its people. Research literally came in the form of reading as much as possible, however I also looked at a tonneContinue reading “Osaka!”

A first impression of Manila

The moment I began to appreciate the varied nature of The Philippines was when I was flying above it on my way back from Japan. The islands were plentiful, taking shapes that only a child could invent while learning to draw. Some were barren rocks while others were forested and mountainous. The deep oceans stretchedContinue reading “A first impression of Manila”